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Called to Be Holy, Revised Member Bookcalled-to-be-holy This six-session 2015 Baptist Doctrine Study, Called to Be Holy, Revised Member Book by Richard Melick establishes both the relevance and the possibility of biblically based holiness. Stating that every aspect of holiness begins and ends with Scripture, this study offers guidelines for pursuing the holiness God demands and demonstrates. Originally published in 2001, this revised edition contains new learning activities and small group experiences. Also a great study for small groups anytime.

read-the-bible-for-lifeRead the Bible for Life –  by George Guthrie is a whole-church approach to greater biblical literacy. This study equips individuals and churches to better understand the Bible by introducing readers to its history, genres, interpretation, and proper application to transform lives through reading and studying God’s Word. God inspired the biblical writers to use a variety of literary types, including stories, poetry, proverbs, parables, and others.

thewaysofgodThe Ways of God: How God Reveals Himself Before a Watching World by Henry T. Blackaby and Roy T. Edgemon is the 2013 Doctrine Study. This 6-session Bible study for adults that gives believers greater insight into God’s nature and provides guidance for aligning their lives with His ways. God’s ways are different from our ways. So if we want God to work through us, we first need to understand His nature and His ways. This careful study of His sovereignty, love, holiness, and other aspects of His nature presents clear statements about the relationship bewtwen God’s ways and the impact this understanding will have on a believer’s life.Powerpoint Download: The Ways of God 2013 Overview

SubversiveKingdom_R4_Comps.inddSubversive Kingdom, the 2014 Doctrinal Study is a six-session Bible study, taken from the parables of Jesus regarding the kingdom. It will help churches and individuals understand kingdom dynamics and how they can be involved in furthering God’s kingdom in the world. Throughout all time, God has been establishing His kingdom on earth. The kingdom of God is advancing even now, and yet much confusion remains regarding it.
transformational-discipleshipTransformational Discipleship – A Christian’s desire to grow in faith is beautiful and biblical, best illustrated in Jeremiah 17 where Scripture describes “The man who trusts in the LORD” as being “like a tree planted by water . . . It will not worry in a year of drought or cease producing fruit.”  But how do people really grow?Transformational Discipleship describes the process that brings to life that kind of person described in the Bible. There’s no magic formula or mantra to recite here, but rather a substantive measure of research with churches and individuals who have wholeheartedly answered the call of Jesus to make disciples.  Get a better understanding of Transformational Discipleship and start a conversation with your team about implementing its principles in your church or small group.

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