Church Health Assessment Tool

About the Assessment Tool

The Vital Signs Church Health Assessment Tool was developed for Missouri Baptist Churches to use in determining what they are doing well and areas where they could be doing better.

The Assessment Tool is available for anyone to use. Directors of Missions are encouraged to use it in an associational Health Clinic. Pastors are encouraged to use it with their key leaders. Members of the MBC Church Ministries Staff are also available to come and lead a clinic for an association or church as their schedules permit.

Assessment Tool Documents

You can download the Assessment Tool as one document, or by individual page.

Full Document (All-in-one) Color (.pdf) Black & White (.pdf)
Cover Page Color (.pdf) Black & White (.pdf)
Instruction Page Color (.pdf) Black & White (.pdf)
Evangelism Page Color (.pdf) Black & White (.pdf)
SS/Discipleship Page Color (.pdf) Black & White (.pdf)
Fellowship Page Color (.pdf) Black & White (.pdf)
Missions/Ministry Page Color (.pdf) Black & White (.pdf)
Worship Page Color (.pdf) Black & White (.pdf)
Leadership Page Color (.pdf) Black & White (.pdf)
Stewardship Page Color (.pdf) Black & White (.pdf)
CHI Page Color (.pdf) Black & White (.pdf)

Church Health Consultants

To request an MBC Staff member to lead a clinic, contact Gary Mathes, at 1-800-736-6227 ext. 338, Feel free to download the Assessment Pages and make as many copies as you need. If you have questions, please give us a call. We will be glad to help.

It is our desire to assist and encourage you and your church leadership as you seek to become the vibrant body of Christ that will continue to advance our Lord’s Kingdom in the community where He has placed you.