Childhood: Leadership Resources

Minister of Childhood Education Resources

Children and Salvation, a brochure written by Dr. Jeanne Burns, produced by Childhood Ministry, Missouri Baptist Convention, 2008. It is available free here. Order printed brochures from Missouri Baptist Convention by phone at 1-800-736-6227 ext. 337 or e-mail request to (cost is $5 per package of 25).

Kids’ Discipline 101: Guiding Behavior in the Church Setting is a training module for leaders that contains strategic principles related to guiding the behavior of kids. This step-by-step approach for use in a church setting to redirect kids’ behavior provides hands-on techniques to use in establishing a good learning environment. All children have behavior challenges. That’s why your church leaders and volunteers need this handy training guide and DVD designed to give leaders guidance in areas where behavior issues can be avoided before they even develop. Each kit includes a DVD-ROM containing a one-hour video presentation with PowerPoint file, listening sheet, summary tips that can be printed for each participant, and a printable promotional poster. (UPC 634337182476, LifeWay Item #005397423)

Kids Ministry 101: Practical Answers to Your Questions About Kids Ministry is your one-stop book of answers to questions that all children’s ministers and VBS directors face. A 101 tool for planning and implementing a growing ministry to kids. Includes a CD-ROM with ministry ideas, articles, and forms.  (ISBN 978-1-4158-6738-9, LifeWay Item #005191563)

Leading a Child to Christ Training Pack (with DVD) can provide you with the tools to guide parents, leaders, and older children in how to share their faith. Each training pack includes a DVD-ROM and samples of the companion resources: Leading a Friend to Christ booklet, Leading a Child to Christ booklet, and ABCs of Becoming a Christian tract in both HCSB and KJV. Too often, children’s leaders and parents do not feel equipped to share the gospel, or they lack the understanding of how to talk with children about salvation in terms that children can understand. And, once children accept Christ as their personal Savior, they are encouraged to share the good news with their friends. But, are they prepared for the task? (ISBN 978-1-4300-3396-7, LifeWay Item #005125104)

Wholly Kids. Helping leaders and parents understand child development just got a whole lot easier! Wholly Kids is an easy-to-read book full of fun illustrations and details about how kids learn. A handy book to give to parents and volunteers in your kids ministry, too. (ISBN 978-1-4158-7319-9, LifeWay Item #005490111)

Becoming a Family Friendly Church (PDF) – Growing churches have discovered a direct link between reaching parents and providing a high quality teaching/learning environment for their family members. In addition to providing Bible study, worship, ministry and fellowship opportunities, the effective church must give attention to age-appropriate settings to meet the needs of children and parents. Here are 15 steps your church can use to become a Family Friendly Church.

Childhood Ministry Basics (LifeWay)
Job Description Sample for Childhood Ministry Staff (PDF)
Job Description Sample for Childhood Sunday School Leaders (LifeWay)

Parent Resources

ParentLifeMag_smallParentLife: Encouraging and Equipping Parents with Children 12 and Under (monthly LifeWay magazine)
ChildrenChrisitanFaith_smChildren and the Christian Faith, Third Edition by Cos H. Davis Jr. Franklin, TN: Family Resource Services, 2003 (ISBN 0-8054-6221-X)
WhenCanI_smallWhen Can I? by Thomas Sanders. Nashville, TN: Broadman & Holman Publishers, 2001 (ISBN 0-8054-2162-9)

Teacher Resources

learningasgrowLearning As They Grow: Biblical Concepts for Each Stage of a Child’s Life by Thomas Sanders. illustrates the Levels of Biblical Learning concepts that are the foundation of spiritual growth: God, Jesus, Creation, the Bible, Family, Self, Church, Salvation, Community and World, the Holy Spirit, and Salvation. See at what age these concepts will be introduced and how to make them age-appropriate as a child grows from birth to sixth grade. The Levels of Biblical Learning concepts form the foundation for Bible study in the Bible Studies for Life: Kids resources. (LifeWay Item #005607339)
levelsofbibleskillLevels of Bible Skills: Chart and Ministry Tool makes a wonderful resource for teachers as they guide children in using their Bibles, memorizing Scripture, and learning Bible skills and words. Make sure each of your teachers has this handy resource as they prepare and teach children each week. (LifeWay Item #005208065)