Children and the Salvation Experience

A child’s decision for salvation is, as with every person, the most important decision that child will ever make. It is also most often the result of someone who cares about that child taking time to guide him or her through the process. – Dr. Jeanne Burns

childrensalvationcover_400I want to make you aware of some great resources that can assist you as you minister to children and their families before, during, and after a child’s salvation decision. The Missouri Baptist Convention has produced a piece entitled Children & Salvation which discusses some of the key questions and issues most often asked by parents and teachers of children. There are two worksheets that you can download and reproduce to use with a child and their parents at times when both parent and child are beginning to explore what salvation is all about.

Lifeway Christian Resources has produced a DVD and related resources to train teachers and parents on how to share the plan of salvation with children. A great follow-up tool to use with children after they have become a Christian is entitled: “I’m A Christian Now”. This follow-up step is critical in the discipleship development of children. A few years ago a great book was written by Tommy Sanders entitled “When Can I”. It is designed to help adults answer younger children’s questions about baptism, the Lord’s Supper and becoming a Christian. It would be an excellent addition to your church library and a cherished book to give to parents of younger children.


ABCs of Becoming a Christian HCSB or KJV (LifeWay leaflets)
Children and Salvation (brochure)

I’m A Christian Now (LifeWay curriculum)

Leading a Child to Christ (LifeWay resources)

Salvation Scriptures (worksheet)
Terms & Phrases About Salvation (worksheet)
When Can I? (book)