2014 Annual Meeting: Business

How to Become a Messenger

Your church elects and sends messengers to the annual meeting. Based on church size and giving to the MBC through the Cooperative Program, your church may send 1-15 messengers.


MBC bylaws state that all proposed resolutions shall be submitted to the convention recording secretary by registered messengers before the end of the evening session on the first day of the annual meeting.

Here are the steps for submitting proposals:

  • Only registered messengers may submit proposals.
  • Proposals should be legible; typewritten if practical.
  • Each proposal should be titled, dated and contain the names, addresses and church memberships of messengers submitting the proposal.

The committee will review each proposal and make a report by the end of the annual meeting.

The committee members will evaluate proposed resolutions and either draft, revise, combine or reject proposals as they deem appropriate. They will report on each resolution submitted with or without recommendation.

How to Submit Motions

Messengers have the opportunity to submit motions during the miscellaneous business sessions held Tuesday morning and Tuesday afternoon of the MBC annual meeting.

According to our bylaws, any motion introduced as miscellaneous business shall be presented in writing not later than the day before the final session. Each original motion presented as miscellaneous business shall be duplicated or visually projected as information to messengers before it can be debated.

Please submit a copy of the motion to the recording secretary with the name of the person submitting the motion and the church from which that person is a messenger.

Motions will be printed in the Wednesday Business Update.